Atushi Kozaki

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We have characterized two isoforms of ATP-phosphoribosyl transferase (ATP-PRT) from Arabidopsis (AtATP-PRT1 [accession no. AB025251] and AtATP-PRT2), catalyzing the first step of the pathway of hisidine (His) biosynthesis. The primary structures deduced from AtATP-PRT1 and AtATP-PRT2 cDNAs share an overall amino acid identity of 74.6% and contain N-terminal(More)
The flower-inducing activities of aqueous extracts of several plants were fractionated by gel filtration. Three major peaks, corresponding to molecular weights of about 120, 20 to 30, and 5 to 10 kilodaltons, were detected in extracts of Lemna, Pharbitis, and Brassica. The latter two peaks may be degradation products generated during the extraction(More)
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