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OBJECTIVES To study the types, frequency and clinical correlates of brain herniations in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). METHODS In 24 patients with ICH (putaminal 22 and thalamic 2) features of raised intracranial pressure (ICP), such as hyperventilation, extensor rigidity, pupillary asymmetry and pyramidal signs on the non-hemiplegic side,(More)
The incidence of basilar artery fenestration is approximately 0.6% in angiographic studies and more in autopsy studies [1]. The most common site of basilar artery fenestration is proximal part [2]. Basilar artery fenestration aneurysms are very rare, posing unique challenges. Reported incidence of aneurysm at basilar artery fenestration site is 7% [3].(More)
higher prevalence of ApoEe3/3 but also higher prevalence and earlier onset of WD compared to Caucasians. It may be that ApoEe3/3 provides only mild neuroprotection. Definition of WD onset is also sometimes difficult: the presymptomatic ‘causeunknown’ purpura is usually identified only after explicit gut haemorrhage; the earlier-onset cases may be induced by(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS In epileptic patients, the requirement of number of antiepileptic drug (AED) to achieve seizure remission may be different in different geographic location and races. This study aims at evaluating the requirement of AEDs for one-year seizure remission of Indian epileptic patients and their predictors with special reference to ring(More)
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