Atul Narayan Vaidya

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The present investigation aims at studying the effectiveness of alkali-assisted ultrasonication on pretreatment of garden biomass (GB). Dry and powdered GB suspended in 1% NaOH was ultrasonicated for 15, 30 and 60 minutes at a frequency of 25 KHZ. The mode of action and effectiveness of alkali-assisted ultrasonication on GB was established through(More)
Garden biomass (GB) is defined as low density and heterogeneous waste fraction of garden rubbish like grass clippings, pruning, flowers, branches, weeds; roots. GB is generally different from other types of biomass. GB is mostly generated through maintenance of green areas. GB can be processed for bio energy production as it contains considerably good(More)
The present work describes the biofiltration of mixture of n-propanol (as a model hydrophilic volatile organic compound (VOC)) and toluene (as a model hydrophobic VOC) in a biofilter packed with a compost-woodchip mixture. Initially, the biofilter was fed with toluene vapours at loadings up to 175 g m(-3) h(-1) and removal efficiencies of 70%-99% were(More)
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