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Peter Corbett described a new algorithm , Row-Diagonal Parity (RDP), for protection against double failures and described its application to RAID. The RDP algorithm uses a simple parity scheme based on EX-OR operations. Each data block belongs to one row-parity set and one diagonal parity set. In a simple RDP array, there are p + 1 disks. The stripes across(More)
Our experience with 30 cases of atlanto-axial dislocation, over the period of 3 years and 9 months, is described. A modified plate and screw method of fixation of the lateral masses of the atlas and axis was successfully used in these cases. The technical aspects and merits of the method, wherein a 100% union rate was achieved, with no morbidity, mortality,(More)
Row-Diagonal Parity (RDP) is a new algorithm for protecting against double disk failures. It stores all data unencoded, and uses only exclusive-or operations to compute parity. RDP is provably optimal in computational complexity, both during construction and reconstruction. Like other algorithms, it is optimal in the amount of redundant information stored(More)
OBJECT The authors analyzed the cases of 190 patients with basilar invagination that was diagnosed on the basis of criteria laid down in 1939 by Chamberlain to assess the appropriate surgical procedure. METHODS Depending on the association with Chiari malformation, the anomaly of basilar invagination was classified into two groups. Eighty-eight patients(More)
OBJECT The author discusses the successful preliminary experience of treating selected cases of basilar invagination by performing atlantoaxial joint distraction, reduction of the basilar invagination, and direct lateral mass atlantoaxial plate/screw fixation. METHODS Twenty-two patients with basilar invagination-in which the odontoid process invaginated(More)
BACKGROUND Community acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a common clinical problem. The present study was designed to evaluate the clinical and bacteriological profile of CAP in Shimla. METHODS Seventy patients with community acquired pneumonia were enrolled in this study. In all the patients blood culture, sputum culture, pleural fluid culture (if available) and(More)
OBJECTIVE We review our experience with the use of the plate and screw method of fixation in the treatment of 160 patients with atlantoaxial instability during a 14-year period at our center. We previously described this method of fixation in 1994. METHODS Between 1988 and 2001, 160 patients with atlantoaxial instability were treated with the use of a(More)
We evaluated the bone regeneration and healing effect of Medicarpin (med) in cortical bone defect model that heals by intramembranous ossification. For the study, female Sprague-Dawley rats were ovariectomized and rendered osteopenic. A drill hole injury was generated in mid femoral bones of all the animals. Med treatment was commenced the day after and(More)
The most common secondary neoplasms which occur following cranial radiation therapy are sarcoma and meningioma. The occurrence of glioblastoma multiforme following radiation and chemotherapy in acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL) is rare. We report 3 cases of glioblastoma multiforme in children developing 11-72 months following completion of(More)