Attilio Pisoni

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An important issue in the position control of elastic systems is the correct on-line measurement of displacements. EndPoint Control of flexible manipulators, for example, requires the measurement of the manipulator's tip displacement. While this kind of measurement is relatively easy to carry out in a laboratory setting, it can be problematic in a real(More)
The Coupling Map (CM) has been proposed as an analytical tool to describe the dynamic behavior of long reach manipulators in the micro-gravity of space. The systems configuration considered consists of a relatively small high performance manipulator carried by a large flexible deployable structure, such as the one proposed for International Space Station(More)
This paper presents a technique called the Pseudo-Passive Energy Dissipation (P-PED) method. The P-PED method is proposed as an effective closed loop control scheme for increasing the overall damping characteristics of an elastically-constrained manipulator system and reducing unwanted base vibrations resulting from external disturbances or motion of the(More)
Recently some techniques for the detection, identification and description of non-linear behavior have been proposed This paper presents a case study of modal analysis by (‘2-3-4-5-61. These techniques are mainly based on the use numerical and experimental techniques, with the purpose of of sinusoidal excitation with force control and have not been showing(More)
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