Attilio Pedrazzoli

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The synthesis and the characterization of some DL-homocysteine thiolactone derivatives are described. Rabbits, affected by acute bronchitis, treated orally with the title compounds showed a considerable reduction of the viscosity of the bronchial mucus. DL-S-(2-[N-3-(2-oxo-tetrahydrothienyl)acetamido]]thioglycolic acid (RV 144, Dithiosteine) was the most(More)
For e-learning environments, “adaptive learning” or “learning path adaptation” is a critical issue to enhance teaching quality of an e-learning session. Adaptive learning provides “Subject Matter” content, adapted to a student's actual knowledge and learning style. Generally, elements of adaptive learning approaches include: monitoring student activity,(More)
This paper proposes a concept for an Intelligent Adaptive Learning Environment (IALE) based on a holistic Multidimensional Instructional Design Model, applied on OLAT, an open source, Java LMS, developed at the University of Zurich, to support student and/or groups defined as “Learning Entities” (LE). Based primarily on an Artificial Intelligence – Tutoring(More)