Attilio Milanese

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Determining the effect of structural perturbations on the eigenvalue spectra of networks is an important problem because the spectra characterize not only their topological structures, but also their dynamical behavior, such as synchronization and cascading processes on networks. Here we develop a theory for estimating the change of the largest eigenvalue(More)
This paper reports on the design of FRESCA2, a dipole magnet model wound with Nb3Sn Rutherford cable. This magnet is one of the deliverables of the High Field Magnets work package of the European FP7-EuCARD project. The nominal magnetic flux density of 13 Tesla in a 100 mm bore will make it suitable for upgrading the FRESCA cable test facility at CERN. The(More)
A plunging-pitching aeroelastic apparatus has been developed to experimentally test new devices for flow and aeroelastic control. The purpose of the experiment is twofold: i) the first phase investigates the aeroelastic behavior of a two-dimensional wing section in postflutter region, structurally and aerodynamically characterizing the aeroelastic model;(More)
This paper reports an analytical and numerical study of localized bending waves in a thin elastic isotropic semi-infinite strip with a rib reinforment. Such waves can be considered as spatially non-uniform bending perturbations localized near free edges, similar to Rayleigh waves decaying exponentially with the distance. From the analysis of localized(More)
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