Attilio Broglio

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Network Virtualization (NV) is one of the most promising approaches to enable innovation in today’s network. Generally speaking, NV refers to the possibility of pooling together low–level hardware and software resources belonging to a networked system into a single administrative entity. In such a way network resources could be effectively shared in a(More)
The most commonly used technique to evaluate novel solutions is to leverage on simulation studies which are largely based on a simplified model of the system behavior. Such an approach provides an approximate evaluation of the system’s performances, which can be potentially far away from the behavior on a real deployment. Another solution is to exploit real(More)
This paper describes a fully-working proof of concept centered around a smart enterprise scenario and able to shed led on the power offered by linking the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud Computing (CC) paradigms together. More specifically, in this showcase all the sensing and actuation capabilities are implemented in the tiny micro-controllers(More)
Cognition represents one of the ingredients to make up the future high-capacity heterogeneous optical networks. This paper provides three main contributions for a preliminary study of a Control and Management System (CMS) able to support the cognitive entity, named Cognitive Decision System (CDS). First of all, two architectural approaches to realize a(More)
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