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Previously, we reported about the effectiveness of the EMOST (Electro-Magnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment) treatments in reduction of phantom limb pain as well as improvement of the quality of sleep and mood in subjects under clinical circumstances. We also presented the successful application of EMOST for mental stress management of humans under catastrophic(More)
Although various treatments have been presented for phantom pain, there is little proof supporting the benefits of pharmacological treatments, surgery or interventional techniques, electroconvulsive therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, far infrared ray therapy, psychological therapies, etc. Here, we report the preliminary results for phantom pain(More)
Wegener-Granulomatose, Churg-Strauss-Syndrom und das chronisch hyperplastische Sinusitis-Asthma-Analgetika-Intoleranz-Syndrom zeigen meist unspezifische Manifestationen im Kopf-Hals-Bereich. Häufig sind diese Beschwerden allerdings Erstsymptome und können so frühzeitig zu einer korrekten Diagnose und einer raschen Einleitung der notwendigen Therapie führen.(More)
NOD-like receptors (NLRs) comprise a family of cytosolic proteins that have been implicated as ancient cellular sentinels mediating protective immune responses elicited by intracellular pathogens or endogenous danger signals. Genetic variants in NLR genes have been associated with complex chronic inflammatory barrier diseases (e.g. Crohn disease, bronchial(More)
Die Gicht wird durch eine Entzündungsreaktion auf kristalline Natriumuratausfällungen im Gelenk und im periartikulären Gewebe hervorgerufen. Natriumuratkristalle aktivieren den NOD-like-Rezeptor (NLR) NALP3, der zur Gruppe der Mustererkennungsrezeptoren („pattern recognition receptors“/PRR) gezählt wird. Folge der NALP3-Aktivierung ist die Überführung der(More)
Recently, we published our results (Bókkon et al., 2011. Electromagn Biol Med.) regarding the effectiveness of the EMOST (Electro-Magnetic-Own-Signal-Treatment) method for the reduction of phantom limb pain under clinical circumstances. However, EMOST treatments not only significantly reduced phantom pain, but that most of the patients also reported about(More)