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—The performance measurement in the World and especially inside the companies' boundaries are getting more important. The ERP applications like SAP and MS Dynamics are applied to several functional areas such as finance, logistics, human resources, etc. As long as diversity and complexity of such ERP applications are increasing in an organization there is a(More)
—The processes in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems were automatized in the past several years. The evolution of the automation started with process flows, followed by role based task separation. In the same time the systems started to decouple the monolith solutions to smaller pieces to create more flexible components from them. This approach(More)
—It has become necessary for a high performance polyethylene (PET) bottle shrink machine control by micro-controllers, which can produce a parallel operation. It also needs such a service solution there are query the independent parallel units provide, supervising, as well as the various human-machine interface services to provide. In this case is always(More)
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