Attila Poesz

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Pairwise comparison matrices are often used in Multi-attribute Decision Making for weighting the attributes or for the evaluation of the alternatives with respect to a criteria. Matrices provided by the decision makers are rarely consistent and it is important to index the degree of inconsistency. In the paper, the minimal number of matrix elements by the(More)
Pairwise comparison (PC) matrices are used in multi-attribute decision problems (MADM) in order to express the preferences of the decision maker. Our research focused on testing various characteristics of PC matrices. In a controlled experiment with university students (N = 227) we have obtained 454 PC matrices. The cases have been divided into 18 subgroups(More)
Our research focused on testing various characteristics of pairwise comparison (PC) matrices in controlled experiments. About 270 students have been involved in the test exercises and the final pool contained 450 matrices. Our team conducted experiments with matrices of different size obtained from different types of MADM problems. The matrix elements have(More)
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