Attila Micsutka

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Haematological and molecular analysis of blood samples was carried out during an outbreak of bovine anaplasmosis in Hungary. Acute disease was observed in five animals, two of which died. Anaplasma-carrier state was diagnosed in 69 (92%) of cattle. Further evaluation of 24 blood samples revealed concurrent infections with Mycoplasma wenyonii and(More)
Increasing numbers of genetic variants are being recognized among piroplasms, but the precise taxonomical status, the tick vector and the geographical range of several species or genotypes are still unknown. Bovine piroplasmosis was reported to re-emerge in north-east Hungary. Because Theileria-infection was newly diagnosed in one cattle herd in the same(More)
The present study was carried out in a herd with concurrent infections of Mycoplasma wenyonii and 'Candidatus M. haemobos', to investigate if transplacental and/or vector-borne transmission is possible for one or both bovine haemoplasma species. For this purpose blood samples were collected from 38 mother animals and their newborn calves; as well as from 17(More)
Data on the prevalence of piroplasms in buffaloes and large game animal species are lacking from several central European countries. Therefore, to investigate the presence of Babesia/Theileria DNA in these hosts, 239 blood and 270 spleen samples were taken from cervids (red, fallow, and roe deer), as well as from water buffaloes, mouflons, and wild boars in(More)
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