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Thinning on binary images is an iterative layer by layer erosion until only the " skeletons " of the objects are left. This paper presents an efficient parallel thinning algorithm which produces either curve skeletons or surface skeletons from 3D binary objects. It is important that a curve skeleton is extracted directly (i.e., without creating a surface(More)
Thinning is a frequently used method for extracting skeletons in discrete spaces. This paper presents an efficient parallel Ž thinning algorithm that directly extracts medial lines from elongated 3D binary objects i.e., without creating medial. surface. Our algorithm provides good results, preserves topology and it is easy to implement. q 1998 Elsevier(More)
Skeleton is a frequently applied shape feature to represent the general form of an object. Thinning is an iterative object reduction technique for producing a reasonable approximation to the skeleton in a topology preserving way. This paper describes a sequential 3D thinning algorithm for extracting medial lines of objects in (26, 6) pictures. Our algorithm(More)
In this work, lossless grayscale image compression methods are compared on a medical image database. The database contains 10 different types of images with bit rates varying from 8 to 16 bits per pixel. The total number of test images was about 3000, originating from 125 different patient studies. Methods used for compressing the images include seven(More)