Attila Kovári

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The evolution of cloud computing over the past few years is one of the major advances in the history of computing. OpenNode Virtualization Platform is an open source CentOS based server virtualization and management solution, and Proxmox VE is a tweaked Debian distribution with a custom optimized kernel. The two platforms are highly identical, but they are(More)
In human brain, either in the state of wakefulness or sleeping, different frequency changes are observable in the spectrum of measured electric signals of the brain. Regarding the frequency components of these signals that occur as a consequence of this electric activity, different brain waves can be distinguished. The electric impulse alternations that(More)
At the beginning of 2012 Shenzhen Mele Digital Technology Ltd. released the MeLE A1000 Mini PC, which is a low power Android device with media playing and browsing capabilities. The device is Linux friendly - its chipset supported by many distributions - so everybody can use it as a general purpose computer. In this paper this ARM based device is analyzed(More)
In servo systems the hydraulic actuators are widely used when fast and accurate control is essential in addition to high force or torque. For this reason servo hydraulic system is commonly used in the modern strip rolling mills to adjust the gap between the work rolls. Automatic gauge control based on Hydraulic Gap Controller is commonly used in modern(More)
The research area of “brain control” includes different innovative systems based on brain computer interface (BCI) technology and it is implemented, integrated, studied and tested at universities and research institutes. Using this technology, in this research a complex system has been developed that is suitable to observe EEG signals based on(More)
In rolling mills technology the plastic deformation of the strip is realized at high plastic strain speed. The dynamic control of rolling gap and force is realized with help of electro-hydraulic servo actuators - so-called hydraulic capsules. Hydraulic capsules can adjust the rolling gap at great rolling force dynamically. Expensive and unique(More)
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