Attila Gilányi

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ALES Abstract. Based on J. L. W. V. Jensen's concept of convex functions as well on its generalization by E. M. Wright and related to T. Popoviciu's convexity notions, higher-order convexity properties of real functions are introduced and surveyed. Etude sur les propriétés des fonctionsentì eres et en particulier d'une fonction considérée par Riemann,
We are introducing here the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Debrecen. Our faculty is new, having been established in 2004 as a result of a long process of organic growth. The teaching of information technology began in 1972 at the Kossuth Lajos University, one of the predecessors to the University of Debrecen, when 29 students enrolled for(More)
We characterize probabilistic choice models that have two (or more) fixed ratio scales associated with each choice option. A version of Luce's choice model with fixed scales and exponents, which we also characterize, is included. The characterizing properties are: Simple scalability, i.e. the choice probabilities depend upon a priori arbitrary combinations(More)
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