Attila Fekete

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We analyze a model of heavily utilized bottleneck buffer in this paper. We show that the nature of traffic leaving the buffer is determined by the buffer length/number of TCPs ratio. If this ratio is above a critical value, TCP can stay in the congestion avoidance phase and it can generate periodic traffic after a transient period. If the ratio is below a(More)
The EC FP7/FIRE STREP project NOVI Network Innovation over Virtualized Infrastructures explores efficient approaches to compose virtualized e-Infrastructures towards a holistic Future Internet (FI) cloud service. Resources belonging to various levels, i.e. networking, storage and processing are in principle managed by separate yet inter-working providers.(More)
ETOMIC is a network traffic measurement platform with high precision GPS-synchronized monitoring nodes. The infrastructure is publicly available to the network research community, supporting advanced experimental techniques by providing high precision hardware equipments and a Central Management System. Researchers can deploy their own active measurement(More)
In this Rapid Communication we present an analytic study of sampled networks in the case of some important shortest-path sampling models. We present analytic formulas for the probability of edge discovery in the case of an evolving and a static network model. We also show that the number of discovered edges in a finite network scales much more slowly than(More)
Node betweenness has been studied recently by a number of authors, but until now less attention has been paid to edge betweenness. In this paper, we present an exact analytic study of edge betweenness in evolving scale-free and non-scale-free trees. We aim at the probability distribution of edge betweenness under the condition that a local property, the(More)
Two important aspects of the Internet, namely the properties of its topology and the characteristics of its data traffic, have attracted growing attention of the physics community. My thesis has considered problems of both aspects. First I studied the stochastic behavior of TCP, the primary algorithm governing traffic in the current Internet, in an(More)
Recently, De Martino et al. [J. Stat. Mech. (2009) P08023; Phys. Rev. E 79, 015101 (2009)] have presented a general framework for the study of transportation phenomena on random networks with annealed disorder. One of their most significant achievements was a deeper understanding of the phase transition from the uncongested to the congested phase at a(More)