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The <i>openIP</i> open source image processing library is a set of c++ libraries providing tools for education, research and industrial purposes. The aim of the development is to fill in the gap between the academic and commercial utilization of image processing. The openIP libraries are interoperable, open source and easy to install. To provide fast codes,(More)
Skeleton is a shape descriptor which summarizes the general form of objects. It can be expressed in terms of the fundamental morphological operations. The limitation of that characterization is that its construction based on digital disks such that cannot provide good approximation to the Euclidean disks. In this paper we define a new type of skeleton based(More)
With the spreading of computers the demand for user-friendly interfaces has increased. The development of techniques based on multi-modal human-computer intraction makes it possible to create systems which are more natural to use. We built Turk-2, a hybrid multi-modal chessplayer with a robot arm and a screen-based talking head. Turk-2 can not only play(More)
In this paper we present an eeective character recognition algorithm, which can be applied mainly to typeset documents. Our aim was to compose a character recognition algorithm, which can be used to recognize simple typeset documents in a fast and reliable way. To get a good result by this algorithm the input text document should contain characters from the(More)
In daily routine the reticulin silver staining is used on bone marrow biopsy samples as a gold standard for the characterization of myelofibrosis, however this method does not provide information about the prefibrotic stage. Recently a specific immunohistochemical method was introduced which may overcome these weaknesses of reticulin staining. Activated(More)
The topic of this article is a basic research considering a human-computer interaction. The system is still under construction, however its basis – facial features tracking and head pose estimation – is ready to use, thus it could bring a head gesture controlled system into reality. We present an approach to control applications with head movements. We(More)
In this paper a novel approach is proposed to approximate the exponential correction factor of grayscale images which maximizes the contrast of the image in the class of exponential intensity mapping functions. The error of approximation is less than 10% compared to the optimal exponent determined by the iterative bisection method. Besides the method(More)