Attila Cristian Ratiu

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The rapid development of nanotechnology allowed the fabrication of a wide range of different nanomaterials, raising many questions about their safety and potential risks for the human health and environment. Most of the current nanotoxicology research is not standardized, hampering any comparison or reproducibility of the obtained results.(More)
A critical topic of insertional mutagenesis experiments performed on model organisms is mapping the hits of artificial transposons (ATs) at nucleotide level accuracy. Mapping errors may occur when sequencing artifacts or mutations as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and small indels are present very close to the junction between a genomic sequence and(More)
Insertional mutagenesis experiments performed on Drosophila melanogaster model often relies on induced mobilization of artificial transposons derived from P mobile element. In an attempt to detect transposition preferences, we accomplished a pilot study concerning the insertional patterns of P{lacW} and P{EP} constructs in the third chromosome of D.(More)
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