Attila Borhidi

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A comparative anatomical and morphological study on the petioles and leaves of 10 neotropical Rondeletia species (representing 10 sections) has been made in order to investigate interspecific variations which may be useful in species identification. All species have bifacial and hypostomatic leaves, contain tannins and crystal sand. The central vascular(More)
Cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling are used to revise the syntaxonomy of the Fagion illyricum alliance based on presence/absence data. The operational syntaxonomical units are associations and subassociations as suggested in the literature. The results of principal coordinates analysis and nonmetric multidimensional scaling are fairly congruent,(More)
Phylogenetic relationships among some Randia (Rubiaceae, Gardenieae) taxa were estimated based on sequence variation in the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacers (ITS) and rps 16 intron (cpDNA). During the investigation of rpsl6 intron of 9 studied Central American Randia species, two well supported subclades were separated. Analysis of ITS data of(More)
The paper gives a short panoramic historical survey about the main activities of the Hungarian phytosociology, their chief protagonists, the fundamental role of professor Rezső Soó in the creation and development of the phytosociological school of Debrecen established by him in the Botanical Department of the University of Debrecen, which is celebrating the(More)
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