Attila Bezzegh

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BACKGROUND Pleural effusion is not pathognomic and distinguishing between transudates and exudates often presents a diagnostic dilemma. The purpose of our study was to examine whether the inclusion of pleural fluid brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) measurement into the analysis improves the diagnostic accuracy of pleural effusion. METHODS The pleural(More)
This was the first time that authors detected se-S-100 and 5-SCD values with patients with malignant melanoma in Hungary. They examined the change of serum S-100 and 5-SCD value parallel. Sera were obtained with 184 melanoma patients 326 times. Patients were ranked into groups on the basis of clinical symptoms: free of symptoms and suffering from it(More)
 Background: The optimal treatment of choice for ACTH-producing pituitary adenomas is their complete removal by the transsphenoidal surgical approach. ACTH-producing pituitary adrenomas are, however, often small in size not detectable with neuro-imaging techniques, which may result in difficulties during their surgical removal. With the advent of rapid(More)
BACKGROUND Pathological concentration of plasma proteins may cause problems in immunoanalytics. The low triiodotyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) levels, frequently found in seriously ill patients, may be ascribed either to laboratory artifact due to the lower thyroid hormone binding capacity or to a compensatory response of the organism to the disease. (More)
The most important estrogen is estradiol in both men and women. In men elevated estradiol levels and associated metabolic disorders have been implicated in the development of common diseases including cardiovascular disorders, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus, as increased estradiol associated with decreased testosterone levels increases the(More)
In this prospective study the correlation of pathological with biological prognostic factors and serum tumor markers has been investigated in 574 patients with primary invasive breast cancer. The p53 protein and Bax level correlated positively with tumor size, lymph node status and histological grade. The serum levels of CEA, CA 15.3, TPA-M and TK(More)
Interpretive commenting (IC) is an integral part of postanalytical activities of laboratories when the clinical interpretation of laboratory results in the context of the clinical situation of a patient is provided. Harmonizing practices in IC can be an approach to ensure high-quality comments, which if followed by adequate clinical actions has a great(More)
Intraoperative bilateral cavernous sinus sampling combined with rapid ACTH measurement was performed in a pilot study in seven patients with Cushing's disease during transsphenoidal pituitary surgery before and immediately after removal of the ACTH-producing pituitary microadenoma. Before tumor removal a gradient in ACTH concentrations greater than 1.5:1(More)
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