Attila B. Nagy

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In this paper signal-based and physics-based sound synthesis methods are described, with a particular emphasis on our own results achieved in the recent years. The applications of these methods are given for the case of organ, piano, and violin synthesis. The two techniques are compared based on these case studies, showing that in some cases the(More)
In quantum computation we are given a finite set of gates and we have to perform a desired operation as a product of them. The corresponding computational problem is approximating an arbitrary unitary as a product in a topological generating set of SU (d). The problem is known to be solvable in time polylog(1/ǫ) with product length polylog(1/ǫ), where the(More)
The aim of the project, described in this paper, is to retrofit a Zeiss length measuring machine for the calibration of linear scales, with a pitch distance of a few micrometers. The retrofitting consists of optics, equipped with a CCD camera, for capturing the line sizes and distances, an appropriate illumination system, a motion system carrying the scale(More)
1. Abstract Canopy analysis was carried out in order to classify the differences between vegetation types at the Szárazvölgy flotation sludge reservoir. Supervised classification methods were used to distinguish 8 vegetation types based on the spectral properties of the area: forest (Quercus sp.), young deciduous forest, reed (Phragmites sp.) and aquatic(More)
  • Aleksander Maziarz, Ana-Maria Cazacu, +8 authors Irakli Tedoradze
  • 2015
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