Attaullah Khawaja

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In this paper, a modular, configurable and versatile hardware platform for real-time video and image processing is presented. The hardware platform is based on the Altera DE2 development board which is completed with a Camera interface for video acquisition and a VGA interface for image restitution. A facial recognition system is a computer application for(More)
This paper presents approach for an automated surveillance system which performs human detection and tracking across multiple non-overlapping cameras. At single camera level, motion based segmentation is achieved using an accurate optical flow estimation technique. Feature matching and region-based shape descriptors are used for object tracking and(More)
Robotics is evolving at a high speed, and its applications in the industry is also increasing from object pick and place robots, to move and locate robots. The field of robotics is moving so quickly encompassing a wide range of disciplines and applications that robotics education must be adaptive and incorporate a multidisciplinary approach [1]. The(More)
Robotic systems are capable of solving repeated problems more efficiently and effectively than human beings. Today robots are required to have perfect coordination and interaction with the humans, the theme of this paper is to discuss 3 robots which work in coordination with human to perform the tasks once accomplished by the ancients. The implementation of(More)
This research demonstrates the development of temporal GIS and its applicability to support spatiotemporal hazard mitigation modeling. Many GIS data models have been proposed to incorporate temporal information into spatial databases. Thematic characteristics are represented as attributes of spatial objects. Temporal information is either associated with(More)
-The efficient and even distribution of resources on land cover is the key issue of these days. Information system plays vital role in planning and development land cover. The most advanced computer based information technology tool for spatial planning is the Geographic Information System, which become indispensable in planning and management of database.(More)
In this modern and fast running world everything is going to be digitized to be easily understandable and also to give exact calculation. Considering this idea we started a project named digital fuel gauge, which shows the exact amount of fuel remaining in the fuel gauge as compared to the previously used gauge meter in which a needle moves to give a rough(More)