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This paper investigates spectrum sharing (in the form of code sharing) between two Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) operators in the UMTS extension band (2S00-2690MHz) with equal and unequal number of proprietary carriers, respectively. The paper proposes a Dynamic Spectrum Allocation (DSA) algorithm to address the problem of spectrum(More)
Femtocell is becoming a promising solution to face the explosive growth of mobile broadband usage in cellular networks. While each femtocell only covers a small area, a massive deployment is expected in the near future forming networked femtocells. An immediate challenge is to provide seamless mobility support for networked femtocells with minimal support(More)
Recently proposed universal filtered multicarrier (UFMC) system is not an orthogonal system in multipath channel environments and might cause significant performance loss. In this paper, the authors propose a cyclic prefix (CP) based UFMC system and first analyze the conditions for interference-free one-tap equalization in the absence of transceiver(More)