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—Recently proposed universal filtered multi-carrier (UFMC) system is not an orthogonal system in multipath channel environments and might cause significant performance loss. In this paper, we propose a cyclic prefix (CP) based UFMC system and first analyze the conditions for interference-free one-tap equalization in the absence of transceiver imperfections.(More)
—To flexibly support diverse communication requirements (e.g., throughput, latency, massive connection, etc.) for the next generation wireless communications, one viable solution is to divide the system bandwidth into several service subbands, each for a different type of service. In such a multi-service (MS) system, each service has its optimal frame(More)
link adaptation approach, named CQI averaging herein, is proposed in this paper. In this approach, a number of consecutively received CQI reports from UE are mapped to equivalent Signal to Interference Ratio (SIR) values and passed through a moving average filter. The resulting average is used to derive the CQI index (named Average CQI herein) to be(More)