Atsutomo Murai

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Enteroendocrine cells respond to nutrient and non-nutrient stimuli in the gut lumen. The intestinal hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) is secreted in response to luminal fatty acids, amino acids, peptides and proteins. The peptidomimetic cephalosporins have been reported to provide model, stable, compounds with similar secretagogue activity to peptide. Putative(More)
In avian species, blood IgY is selectively incorporated into the yolks of maturing oocytes, although the precise mechanism is poorly understood. Our previous study showed that 22% of i.v.-injected heterologous chicken IgY (cIgY) was incorporated into egg yolks of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica). However, it is not known whether homologous quail IgY(More)
Second generation analogs of polycavemoside A (2) possessing a side chain at C-15 different from that of the natural toxin have been synthesized. The in vivo toxicities of these new compounds (expressed as the minimal lethal dose) have been evaluated in mice (ip) and compared to 2, its aglycone (8), and polycavemoside B (9). The bioactivity profile of(More)
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