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JavaScript is a popular scripting language that is particularly useful for client-side programming together with HTML /XML on the Web. As JavaScript programs become more complex and large, separation of concerns at the implementation level is a significant challenge. Aspect orientation has been a well known concept to realize improved separation; however,(More)
Analysis and design patterns are well established as a convenient and reusable way to build high-quality object-oriented software. Patterns combine experience and good practices to develop basic models that can be used for new designs. Security patterns join the extensive knowledge accumulated about security with the structure provided by patterns to(More)
Addressing the challenges of developing secure software systems remains an active research area in software engineering. Current research efforts have resulted in the documentation of recurring security problems as security patterns. Security patterns provide encapsulated solutions to specific security problems and can be used to build secure systems by(More)
In software development, many kinds of knowledge are shared and reused as software patterns. However, the relation analysis among software patterns by hand is difficult on the large scale. In this paper, we propose a technique for the automatic relation analysis among the patterns. Our technique is based on a new pattern model to treat various patterns, and(More)
The understandability, maintainability, and reusability of object-oriented programs could be improved by automatically detecting well-known design patterns in programs. Many existing detection techniques are based on static analysis and use strict conditions composed of class structure data. Hence, it is difficult for them to detect design patterns in which(More)
The spread of open-software services through the Internet increases the importance of security. A security pattern is one of the techniques in which developers utilize security experts’ knowledge. Security patterns contain typical solutions about security problems. However there is a possibility that developers may apply security patterns in(More)
Pattern is a reusable description of knowledge. Efficient software development can be achieved by sharing and reusing knowledge using patterns and their relations. Because the manual analysis of relations among patterns is costly, we proposed an automatic relation analysis technique for software patterns. Knowledge management in embedded software design has(More)
Detecting design patterns from object-oriented program source-code can help maintainers understand the design of the program. However, the detection precision of conventional approaches based on the structural aspects of patterns is low due to the fact that there are several patterns with the same structure. To solve this problem, we propose an approach of(More)