Atsushi Yoshida

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abstract We have developed a video-rate stereo machine that has the capability of generating a dense depth map at the video rate. The performance bench marks of the CMU video rate stereo machine are: 1) multi image input of up to 6 cameras; 2) throughput of 30 million point × disparity measurement per second; 3) frame rate of 30 frame/sec; 4) a dense depth(More)
A video-rate stereo machine has been developed at CMU with the capability of generating a dense range map, aligned with an intensity image, at the video rate. The target performance of the CMU video-rate stereo machine is: 1) multi image input of 6 cameras; 2) high throughput of 30 million point×disparity measurement per second; 3) high frame rate of 30(More)
—Pattern search of programs is a fundamental function for supporting programming. In this paper, we propose a search method for unpreprocessed programs, which are difficult to parse. Our parser directly parses them by rewriting token sequences, and allows minor errors in syntax trees. The search tool takes queries that are the same as the format of program(More)