Masayuki Moritani18
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Yoshio Shigenaga12
18Masayuki Moritani
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abstract We have developed a video-rate stereo machine that has the capability of generating a dense depth map at the video rate. The performance bench marks of the CMU video rate stereo machine are: 1) multi image input of up to 6 cameras; 2) throughput of 30 million point × disparity measurement per second; 3) frame rate of 30 frame/sec; 4) a dense depth(More)
The antisaccade task has been widely used to investigate the neural mechanisms underlying volitional movement control. In this task, subjects suppress reflexive saccades to the sudden appearance of peripheral visual stimuli (prosaccades) and generate a saccade in the opposite direction. Recent imaging studies suggest that the globus pallidus (GP) is(More)
A video-rate stereo machine has been developed at CMU with the capability of generating a dense range map, aligned with an intensity image, at the video rate. The target performance of the CMU video-rate stereo machine is: 1) multi image input of 6 cameras; 2) high throughput of 30 million point×disparity measurement per second; 3) high frame rate of 30(More)
Although the roles of the basal ganglia in the control of saccadic eye movements have been extensively examined, little is known about their roles in smooth pursuit. Recent anatomical data suggest that, like somatic movements, smooth pursuit may also be regulated by signals through the basal ganglia thalamocortical pathways. To understand whether the basal(More)
Trigeminal primary afferents expressing P2X(3) receptor are involved in the transmission of orofacial nociceptive information. However, little is known about their central projection pattern and ultrastructural features within the trigeminal brainstem sensory nuclei (TBSN). Here we use multiple immunofluorescence and electron microscopy to characterize the(More)
Cardiac metastasis of malignant phyllodes tumor is very rare. We herein report a rare case that developed cardiac metastasis from malignant phyllodes tumor. A 38-year-old woman underwent lumpectomy, and the final pathological findings showed the 5-cm malignant phyllodes tumor partially containing 1 cm of squamous cell carcinoma. Four months after the first(More)