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FEM-FDM coupled liquefaction analysis of a porous soil using an elasto-plastic model
The phenomenon of liquefaction is one of the most important subjects in Earthquake Engineering and Coastal Engineering. In the present study, the governing equations of such coupling problems as soilExpand
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Liquefaction induced lateral spread analysis using the CIP method
Abstract This paper presents a CIP (cubic interpolated pseudoparticle) based numerical method for liquefaction induced lateral spread analysis in the framework of fluid dynamics. Previously, theExpand
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Large Deformation Analysis in Geomechanics Using CIP Method
A numerical method is developed for prediction of large deformations associated with a geomaterial flow. The geomaterial is modeled as a viscous fluid, where a Bingham type constitutive model isExpand
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Experimental Study of the Applicability of the Remotely Positioned Laser Doppler Vibrometer to Rock-Block Stability Assessment
This paper examines a new method for evaluating the stability of rock blocks on slopes using a remotely positioned Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV). A series of experiments using physical models wereExpand
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Numerical simulation of mitigation for liquefaction-induced soil deformations in a sandy ground improved by cement grouting
This paper presents a numerical study of mitigation for liquefaction during earthquake loading. Analyses are carried out using an effective stress based, fully coupled, hybrid, finite element-finiteExpand
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A new optical fibre sensor to assess the stability of geogrid-reinforced soil walls
ABSTRACT: It is not easy to assess the stability of vertical soil walls reinforced by geogrids during and after construction. This paper describes a unique monitoring system called an ‘optical fibreExpand
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Settlement of Breakwater On Submarine Soil Due to Wave-Induced Liquefaction
The stability and deformation of the seabed in response to ocean wave loading is an important consideration in the design of offshore structures such as breakwaters, anchors, platforms, andExpand
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