Atsushi Tokuhira

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To assess the effect of dienogest on recurrence of ovarian endometriomas and severity of pain after laparoscopic surgery, a retrospective study of 81 patients was performed at three institutions in Osaka, Japan. Patients had a six-month minimum follow-up after laparoscopic surgery for ovarian endometriomas performed between June 2012 and August 2014.(More)
Preterm delivery (PTD) remains a serious challenge in perinatology. Intrauterine infection and/or inflammation, followed by increased inflammatory cytokines, represented by IL-6, are involved in this pathology. Our aim was to identify IL-6-producing cells in the placenta and to analyze the potential of targeting IκB kinase β (IKKβ) signaling to suppress(More)
Psammocarcinoma is a serous peritoneal tumor arising from the ovary or the peritoneum and characterized by low-grade nuclear features, extensive psammoma bodies, and invasiveness. Only 62 cases have ever been documented, 30 primary peritoneal and 32 primary ovarian, most of which presented as small tumors. Adjuvant therapies, including chemotherapy and(More)
The effects of ascorbic acid (AsA)-deficiency on the development of mammary glands were investigated using mutant rats (osteogenic disorder syndrome rats; ODS rats) with hereditary inability to synthesize AsA. Female ODS rats of 21 days old were castrated and divided into two groups. One group was given AsA in their drinking water, and the other was not.(More)
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