Atsushi Takemura

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This paper proposes a novel algorithm to estimate a log-compressed K distribution parameter and presents an algorithm to discriminate breast tumors in ultrasonic images. We computed a total of 208 features for discrimination, including those based on a parameter of a log-compressed K-distribution, which quantifies the homogeneity of the echo pattern in the(More)
PURPOSE A cost-sensitive extension of AdaBoost based on Markov random field (MRF) priors was developed to train an ensemble segmentation process which can avoid irregular shape, isolated points and holes, leading to lower error rate. The method was applied to breast tumor segmentation in ultrasonic images. METHODS A cost function was introduced into the(More)
We demonstrated a new scheme for performing the T1-enhanced whole-brain black-blood imaging pulse sequence using motion-sensitized driven-equilibrium prepared 3-dimensional (3D) turbo spin echo (MSDE-TSE) with anti-driven-equilibrium post pulse. The use of an anti-driven-equilibrium pulse considerably improved the T1 contrast of MSDE-TSE black-blood images.(More)
We propose a simple scheme of 3D turbo spin echo (TSE) with low-refocusing flip angles (RFAs) for obtaining sufficient T1-weighted contrast. The low RFA can easily lead spins into a pseudo-steady-state (PSS) condition, but a preparation scheme is required for smooth transition into static PSS. For obtaining T1 contrast, PSS preparation is the most important(More)
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