Atsushi Shibukawa

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We propose a spatial cross modulation method using a random diffuser and a phase-only spatial light modulator (SLM), by which arbitrary complex-amplitude fields can be generated with higher spatial resolution and diffraction efficiency than off-axis and double-phase computer-generated holograms. Our method encodes the original complex object as a phase-only(More)
We propose a two-channel holographic diversity interferometer (2ch-HDI) system for single-shot and highly accurate measurements of complex amplitude fields with a simple optical setup. In this method, two phase-shifted interference patterns are generated, without requiring a phase-shifting device, by entering a circularly polarized reference beam into a(More)
An optical circulator for near IR radiation was developed for optical transmission systems. This circulator consists of a 45 degrees Faraday rotator using a YIG single crystal and two Glan-Taylor prisms. It has four nonre-ciptocai and two reciprocal ports. Using reciprocal ports for bidirectional transmission systems with multi-mode fibers, which do not(More)
For the realization of field emission displays, developing low-turn-on-voltage nanosized electron emitters and corresponding efficient nanosized phosphor materials are still key focuses of future research. Zinc oxide is a high potential material for applications in optoelectronics. Its wide direct gap of 3.37 eV and large exciton binding energy of 10 meV at(More)
In a conventional digital phase conjugation system, only the phase of an input light is time-reversed. This deteriorates phase conjugation fidelity and restricts application fields to specific cases only when the input light has uniformly-distributed scattered wavefront. To overcome these difficulties, we present a digital phase conjugate mirror based on(More)
Mooseok Jang,1, 3, ∗ Yu Horie,2, ∗ Atsushi Shibukawa,1, ∗ Joshua Brake,1 Yan Liu,1 Seyedeh Mahsa Kamali,2 Amir Arbabi,2, 4 Haowen Ruan,1 Andrei Faraon,2, † and Changhuei Yang1, ‡ 1Department of Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 1200 E. California Blvd., Pasadena, California 91125, USA 2T. J. Watson Laboratory of Applied Physics,(More)
Optical properties of Ag and SiO(2) co-evaporated films were studied in the visible and near ir regions, and a novel neutral density filter for near ir radiation has been proposed. The films, which contain 56-vol.% Ag, exhibit almost wavelength-independent optical transmittance in the longer than 1-microm wavelength region. Neutral density filters, which(More)
TE-TM mode conversion was examined in two-layer epitaxial garnet films, with (Sc, Ga) substituted YIG films on a GGG substrate. Mode conversion efficiency of 96% was observed in a single-mode waveguide over a 4.0-mm propagation distance at 1.15-microm wavelength. Mode conversion was increased by 2.0 X 10(-4) optical anisotropy arising from the photoelastic(More)
To improve the measurement speed of optical tomography based on the virtual phase conjugation, a virtual measurement position control technique is proposed. Tomographic images were observed with high depth-resolution and high acquisition rate in the numerical simulations.