Atsushi Oshima

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OBJECTIVES To examine in patients with mood disorders the relationship of age at onset with the location and degree of MRI-defined brain hyperintensities. METHOD Fifty-two patients diagnosed as having mood disorders and 14 controls participated in the study. Brain MR images were analyzed according to semiquantitative ratings for the anatomical(More)
The combined dexamethasone/CRH test (DEX/CRH test) is reported to produce augmented ACTH and cortisol responses in various psychiatric disorders as well as in some non-psychiatric conditions. To examine whether stress affects the outcome of DEX/CRH test, two stress groups in a repeated measures design were compared to an age-matched control group with(More)
BACKGROUND A risk assessment of magnetic field (MF) exposure conducted by the World Health Organization indicated the need for biological studies on primary hazard identification and quantitative risk evaluation of intermediate frequency (300 Hz-100 kHz) MFs. Because induction heating cookers generate such MFs for cooking, reproductive and developmental(More)
There are several established risk factors for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC), namely primary sclerosing cholangitis, fibropolycystic liver disease, parasitic infection, intrahepatic biliary stones and chemical carcinogen exposure. However, the majority of patients with ICC do not have any of these risk factors. Therefore, identification of other(More)
Since 2007, the Telescope Array (TA) experiment, based in Utah, USA, has been observing ultra high energy cosmic rays to understand their origins. The experiment involves a surface detector (SD) array and three fluores-cence detector (FD) stations. FD stations, installed surrounding the SD array, measure the air fluorescence light emitted from extensive air(More)
Regional Cerebral blood flow (rCBF) and metabolism in major depression have been studied intently. Those studies are expected to reveal the mechanisms of the mood disorders, and also to give us valuable informations that the specific brain regions participating mood regulation. However, the data still have been inconsistent. In the present study we measured(More)
We measure the spectrum of cosmic rays with energies greater than 10 18.2 eV with the Fluorescence Detectors (FDs) and the Surface Detectors (SDs) of the Telescope Array Experiment using the data taken in our first 2.3-year observation A hybrid air shower reconstruction technique is employed to improve accuracies in determination of arrival directions and(More)
Despite increasing use of intermediate frequency (IF) magnetic fields (MFs) in occupational and domestic settings, scientific evidence necessary for health risk assessments of IF MF is insufficient. Male and female Crl:CD(SD) rats (12 per sex per group) were exposed to 20 kHz, 0.20 mT(root mean square, rms) or 60 kHz, 0.10 mT(rms) sinusoidal MFs for 22 h(More)
In motion-control problems such as vibration rejection, periodical reference tracking, and harmonic disturbance cancellation, the disturbances/references share a common characteristic of exhibiting concentrated energies at multiple bands of frequencies. In this paper, we discuss a feedback loop-shaping approach to address such a class of control problem. An(More)