Atsushi Orikasa

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The partially modified retro- and retro-inverso peptides of the Arg-Gly Asp (RGD) sequence of fibronectin, in which the direction of the Arg residue is reversed and/or the chirality of the amino acid residue is inverted, i.e., mainly R(rev)-COCH2CO-D and DR(rev)-COCH2CO-D, have been synthesized to examine their antimetastatic effects in murine lung or liver(More)
Ten human colorectal cancer (CRC) cell lines were implanted orthotopically into the ceca and also into the livers, muscles and peritoneal cavities of SCID mice in order to analyze the characteristics regulating metastatic behaviors of CRCs. All the CRC cell lines formed tumors in the muscle and cecum, but they could be classified into two groups: (1) six(More)
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