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Chlorophyllase (Chlase) catalyzes the initial step of chlorophyll (Chl)-degradation, but the physiological significance of this reaction is still ambiguous. Common understanding of its role is that Chlase is involved in de-greening processes such as fruit ripening, leaf senescence, and flowering. But there is a possibility that Chlase is also involved in(More)
In this study, metabolite profiling was demonstrated as a useful tool to plot a specific metabolic pathway, which is regulated by phytochrome A (phyA). Etiolated Arabidopsis wild-type (WT) and phyA mutant seedlings were irradiated with either far-red light (FR) or white light (W). Primary metabolites of the irradiated seedlings were profiled by gas(More)
Pinoresinol reductase and pinoresinol/lariciresinol reductase play important roles in an early step of lignan biosynthesis in plants. The activities of both enzymes have also been detected in bacteria. In this study, pinZ, which was first isolated as a gene for bacterial pinoresinol reductase, was constitutively expressed in Arabidopsis thaliana under the(More)
Lipids are being increasingly used as biodiesel feedstock, and several saturated wax esters from Euglena gracilis are candidates for outdoor bulk production. Wax ester fermentation in Euglena is strongly increased by hypoxia, but key events underlying the metabolic shift toward wax ester biosynthesis are poorly understood. Profiling of wax esters and other(More)
Accumulation profiles of wax esters in Euglena gracilis Z were studied under several environmental conditions. The highest amount of total wax esters accumulated under hypoxia in the dark, and C28 (myristyl-myristate, C14:0-C14:0) was prevalent among all conditions investigated. The wax ester production was almost completely suppressed under anoxia in the(More)
Root parasitic weeds in Orobanchaceae cause serious damage to worldwide agriculture. Germination of the parasites requires host-derived germination stimulants, such as strigolactones, as indicators of host roots within reach of the parasite's radicles. This unique germination process was focused on to identify metabolic pathways required for germination,(More)
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