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This study explored the source of inter-listener variability in the performance of lateralization tasks based on interaural time or level differences (ITDs or ILDs) by examining correlation of performance between pairs of multiple psychoacoustical tasks. The ITD, ILD, Time, and Level tasks were intended to measure sensitivities to ITD; ILD; temporal fine(More)
The temporal fine structure (TFS) of acoustical signals, represented as the phase-locking pattern of the auditory nerve, is the major information for listeners performing a variety of auditory tasks, e.g., judging pitch and detecting interaural time differences (ITDs). Two experiments tested the hypothesis that processes for TFS-based pitch and ITD involve(More)
The performance of a lateralization task based on interaural time or level differences (ITDs or ILDs) often varies among listeners. This study examined the extent to which this inter-listener variation could be accounted for by the coding efficiency of the temporal-structure or level information below the stage of interaural interaction. Young listeners(More)
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