Atsushi Nanashima

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AIM The indication for hepatectomy is still controversial in elderly patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). We examined the clinicopathological features and survival of 188 HCC patients who underwent hepatectomy. PATIENTS/METHODS Patients were divided into four age groups: Age(<50) group (young patients <50 years of age, n = 9), Age(50-69) group(More)
Extended resection, comprising extended right hemicolectomy, splenectomy, and distal pancreatectomy, has been advocated for carcinoma of the splenic flexure because the lymphatic drainage at this site is variable. The present study addresses the problems associated with selecting the most appropriate operative procedure to achieve cure of splenic flexure(More)
BACKGROUND Although laparoscopic surgery has decreased postoperative adhesions, complications induced by adhesions are still of great concern. The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-adhesive effects of a novel powdered anti-adhesion material that can be applied during laparoscopic surgery in comparison with other anti-adhesion materials. (More)
We examined the expression of vascularendothelial growth factor (VEGF) and microvessel countsexpressed by CD34 staining in 39 patients with primaryand 44 patients with metastatic liver tumors ofmetastatic colorectal carcinoma, and 29 patients withnonmetastatic colorectal carcinoma as control in orderto determine their value in the evaluation of prognosisand(More)
The expression of blood group antigens A, B, and H, as well as sialylated and nonsialylated forms of Lewis(a) and Lewis(x), was studied using immunohistochemical methods in normal and tumor tissues in the following cohort of patients: 51 patients with primary breast carcinoma, 13 with metastatic lymph node lesions, and 16 with benign tumors of the breast.(More)
Sialyl Lewis(a) (CA19-9) and sialyl Lewis(x) antigens (SLX) may play a role in tumor metastasis by serving as functional ligands in the cell adhesion system. The authors examined preoperative serum levels of CA19-9 and SLX in 218 patients who underwent resection for gastric cancer to determine their prognostic value. The patients were divided into two(More)
Frequent gains of 20q have been identified recently in many neoplasias, including breast, bladder, ovarian, pancreatic, and colon cancers. A high level of 20q13.2 amplification is associated with poor prognosis in breast cancer. We investigated the copy number of the 20q13.2 region including the ZNF217 oncogene in 17 nonmetastatic colorectal cancers (CRCs),(More)
OBJECTIVE We compared the results of bronchoplasty and bronchoplasty with pulmonary angioplasty (broncho-angioplasty). Multivariate analysis was done to determine potential prognostic factors for both procedures based on our 20-year single-center experience. METHODS Between January 1985 and December 2004, 163 bronchoplastic procedures were done in 1405(More)
Intrathoracic kidney is a rare congenital anomaly. Since most reported cases are asymptomatic, it is extremely rare for this ectopia to be diagnosed in the neonatal period. We report a male infant with right intrathoracic kidney associated with Bochdalek defect. Chest X-ray demonstrated a right posterior mediastinal mass and intestinal gas in the right lung(More)
To clarify the relationship between morphological measurements of hepatic volume by computed tomography (CT-vol) and functional volume (RI-vol) by technetium-99m galactosyl human serum albumin (99mTc-GSA) scintigraphy, and its clinical significance, we examined 16 patients with a background liver status of either normal liver function (n = 4), chronic(More)