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We have previously reported that a graft volume (GV) > 30% of the recipient's standard liver volume (SLV) can meet the recipient's metabolic demands. Here we report our experience with adult-to-adult living donor liver transplantation using left side grafts < 35% of the recipient's SLV. Of 143 adult living donor liver transplants, 13 auxiliary partial(More)
A lower deciduous incioer exhibiting dentinogenesis imperfecta (D.I) obtained from a 6-year-old boy with osteogenesis imperfecta (Shields' Type I) was examined by means of light microscopy (LM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and X-ray microanalysis (XMA). With LM, the dentin displayed a sparse and irregular tubular pattern near the dentino-enamel(More)
The congenital teeth are not only classified by Massler et al. as a natal tooth that has erupted at birth and a neonatal tooth that erupts at neonatal period, but also divided into a normal deciduous tooth and a supernumerary tooth. The congenital teeth are mostly found in the mandibular anterior region, but extremely rare in other regions. The authors met(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to evaluate peri-implant bone reactions to dynamic and static loads in a rat model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two cylindrical titanium implants were placed in the left tibia diaphysis of 39 rats, which were divided into three groups: static load for 4 weeks (S4), static load for 8 weeks (S8), and static load for 4 weeks followed by(More)
Connective tissue attachment to a mesh structure incorporated on the surface of oral implants and extra-oral endosseous craniofacial implants (EOECI) was investigated. Two types of implants were prepared: TI and TI-Mesh. TI was composed of an upper and a lower component, both comprised of a titanium cylinder, which could be connected using a titanium screw.(More)
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