Atsushi Kurobe

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We have proposed a new MOSFET structure, strained-Si/Si/sub 0.9/Ge/sub 0.1/-on-Insulator (SSGOI) MOSFETs applicable to the sub-100 nm generation. This SSGOI structure was successfully fabricated by the combination of SIMOX technology and the Si re-growth technique. The strained-Si in SSGOI was found to have good crystal quality and very flat interfaces.(More)
Ferritin A from Escherichia coli (EcFtnA) is 24-meric protein, which forms spherical cagelike structures called nanocages. The nanocage structure is stabilized by the interface around 4-, 3-, and 2-fold symmetric axes. The subunit structure of EcFtnA comprises a four-helix bundle (helices A-D) and an additional helix E, which forms a 4-fold axis. In this(More)
Gain/current curves for a single quantum well are calculated. The optimum well number, cavity length, threshold current, and current density of multi-quantum-well (MQW) lasers are derived in terms of this gain curve. The limiting performance of MQW lasers is found to be better than that of graded refractive index (GRIN) lasers, assuming comparable(More)
We have newly developed strained-Si MOSFET's on a SiGe-on-insulator (strained-SOI) structure fabricated by separation-by-implanted-oxygen (SIMOX) technology. Their electron and hole mobility characteristics have been experimentally studied and compared to those of control SOI MOSFET's. Using an epitaxial regrowth technique of a strained-Si film on a(More)
We propose a new spintronics-based memory architecture with 2 MTJs and 4 transistors as a unit cell for high-speed application. The architecture employs spin-Hall effect as a writing principle and voltage-control-magnetic-anisotropy (VCMA) effect as a write speed acceleration. We successfully demonstrated the unique complementary flash-writing scheme and(More)
Racemic 1,4-dimethyl- (1), 1,4,12 alpha-trimethyl- (2), and 1,4,12 beta-trimethyl-10-hydroxy-2,3,4,5,6,7-hexahydro-1,6-methano-1H-4-benzazonine (3) have been optically resolved. The analgesic potency and physical-dependence capacity of the optical isomers and their racemic parents were determined. The levo isomers of compounds 2 and 3 were analgesically(More)
Escherichia coli non-heme-binding ferritin A (EcFtnA) is a spherical cagelike protein that is composed of 24 identical subunits. EcFtnA dissociates into 2-mers under acidic conditions and can reassemble into the native structure when the pH is increased. To understand how electrostatic interactions influence the assembly reaction, the dependence of the(More)