Atsushi Konno

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The application range of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) is expanding along with performance upgrades. Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft has the merits of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Tail-sitting is the simplest way for the VTOL maneuver since it does not need extra actuators. However, conventional hovering control for a(More)
The unique ability of humanoid robots to step over or upon obstacles is left unexploited if ordinary mobile robot navigation strategies are used for humanoids as well. Recently presented path planning strategies that make use of this capability, however, are very time consuming due to high computational complexity. We have presented a novel approach to(More)
AbsfmctThis paper describes an efficient dynamic simulation of a humanoid robot. In the simulation, an order n formulation is used to solve the inverse dynamics and forward dynamics of a multi-body system. The formulation can deal with a tree structure and multiple contacts with the environment. In order to simulate a collision with friction between the(More)
The robot is life size and can make motions with neck, arms, and trunk and the avatars can follow these motions. And the robot is covered with a green fabric to apply chromakey techniques to combine the avatar images with real images. People who wear the HMD can see that the robot in front of them as if it were a realistic avatar. That means this is a(More)
This paper addresses an engineering attempt of utilizing multiple robot arms in assemblies of deformable parts. The developed robot system simulates a practically existing assembly process in an automobile plant where wrapped cables (wire harness) have to be fixed on the body of a car. This operation has been performed by skilled workers and is considered(More)
In order to exert a large force on the environment, it is effective to apply impulsive force. We describe the motions that perform tasks by applying impulsive force as ldquoimpact motionrdquo. In this research, a nailing task is taken as an example of impact motion. This paper proposes a way to generate impact motions for humanoid robots to exert a large(More)