Atsushi Koike

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In fission yeast, calcineurin dephosphorylates and activates the Prz1 transcription factor. Here, we identified the calcineurin-dependent response element (CDRE) in the promoter region of prz1(+) gene and monitored the calcineurin activity in living cells using a destabilized luciferase reporter gene fused to three tandem repeats of CDRE. Elevated(More)
This paper presents a novel method to represent a real 3D world using IBR (Image-based Rendering) technology. The major achievement is realization of "walk-through" experience, in which audiences can see the scene of sport games as if they were the player, while the conventional IBR method cannot provide such an experience. The key idea is a newly(More)
Appropriate rate control plays a very important role in encoding motion pictures under the constant bit-rate. One of the requirements for rate control is minimizing temporal fluctuations in picture quality, which may cause flicker arti-facts. To satisfy the requirement, some methods for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 have been proposed. However, these methods cannot be(More)
The regulation of cytoplasmic Ca(2+) is crucial for various cellular processes. Here, we examined the cytoplasmic Ca(2+) levels in living fission yeast cells by a highly sensitive bioluminescence resonance energy transfer-based assay using GFP-aequorin fusion protein linked by 19 amino acid. We monitored the cytoplasmic Ca(2+) level and its change caused by(More)