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Numerous proteins are properly folded by binding with zinc during their itinerary in the biosynthetic-secretory pathway. Several transporters have been implicated in the zinc entry into secretory(More)
This review summarizes the results of experiments conducted in the Institute for Environmental Sciences for the past 21 years, focusing on the biological effects of long-term low dose-rate radiation(More)
Dose-rate effects on chromosome aberrations in the low-dose-rate range have not been evaluated previously. The incidences of chromosome aberrations were analysed in splenic lymphocytes from female(More)
Pre- and postnatal male mice were acutely (659-690 mGy/min) and continuously (0.303 mGy/min) exposed to 2 Gy γ-rays to evaluate spermatogenic potential and chromosome damage in their germ cells as(More)
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