Atsushi Kitano

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Defining provisioning requirements for software IT systems is still tedious and error-prone despite utilizing the latest declarative system provisioning tools because they require that a user should define not only the desired state of a system but also the complementary imperative process needed to provision the tasks in the proper order. To address these(More)
This paper describes the development of a highly sensitive liquid-electrode plasma atomic emission spectrometry (LEP-AES) by combination of quartz glass chip and sample flow system. LEP-AES is an ultracompact elemental analysis method, in which the electroconductive sample solution is put into a microfluidic channel whose center is made narrower (∼100 μm in(More)
As the life-cycle of IT systems is getting faster and shorter, the lead time requirements of the deployment for updates have become severe. Provisioning automation tools make it easy to update IT systems, but the update of a large-scale IT systems such as a large enterprise system is still time-consuming. Existing provisioning tools cannot automatically(More)
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