Atsushi Karino

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It was shown that the intestinal absorption clearance of D2O (CLD2O) could be a more appropriate index to study the solvent drag effect than water volume flow which was the difference between water influx and outflux in the intestinal lumen. Then, the correlation between the intestinal absorption clearances of drugs (CLdrug) and CLD2O were studied using the(More)
In order to study the solvent drag effect, it was shown that back flux of absorbed drug from blood to intestinal lumen can be ignored but the back flux of water cannot. Then, apparent water influx was calculated as a new measure of solvent drag based on the model in which the back flux of D2O from blood to lumen was considered during absorption.(More)
—Two major approaches to deal with randomness or impression involved in mathematical programming problems have been developed. The one is called stochastic programming, and the other is called fuzzy programming. In this paper, we focus on multiobjective integer programming problems involving random variable coefficients in constraints. Using the concept of(More)
Focusing on an infrared camera and a near-infrared radar, we have developed a system for new amusements which we can operate by gesture input toward a screen or moving our bodies in front of a screen projected on a wall. The infrared camera is used for operations performed by means of gestures, and the near-infrared radar is used for operations performed by(More)
—In this paper, we focus on multiobjective 0-1 programming problems under the situation where stochastic uncertainty and vagueness exist at the same time. We formulate them as fuzzy random multiobjective 0-1 programming problems where coefficients of objective functions are fuzzy random variables. For the formulated problem, we propose an interactive fuzzy(More)
Oil violet in a fat emulsion was taken up into the parenchymal cells of rat liver in vitro. The uptake was greater at 37 degrees C than 25 degrees C or 4 degrees C, and it was increased by addition of postheparin plasma including lipoprotein lipase activity into the reaction medium. The uptake from the emulsion with smaller particles was greater than that(More)
The in situ single-pass perfusion method in an individual rat was developed to discuss the solvent drag in drug intestinal absorption without the individual differences. In this method the apparent water influx (influx') was used as a measure of solvent drag in the same manner as the previous paper. Consequently the sieving coefficients of salicylic acid(More)
This paper describes a wall amusement system with wall surface and infrared radars. A screen is projected on a wall by an ultra-short throw projector. Interaction between wall surface and players is created by infrared radar measurement. This system can be set up anywhere if there is a certain sized wall. We present here the system using mirrors with(More)
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