Atsushi Inatomi

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To elucidate the function of M6a, which is a neuron-specific membrane glycoprotein of the brain and possesses putative phosphorylation sites for protein kinase C (PKC), we established rat M6a cDNA expression vector-transfected PC12 cells. These transfectants exhibited high susceptibilities to nerve growth factor (NGF) for neuronal differentiation.(More)
1. The dog isolated sphincter pupillae contracted in response to acetylcholine, angiotensin II (AII), bradykinin, prostaglandins F2 alpha, D2, E2 and I2, and thionate thromboxane A2 (sTXA2) in a concentration-dependent manner. 2. AII-induced contractions were suppressed by treatment with saralasin, indomethacin, aspirin and diphloretin phosphate (DPP), a(More)
At the right places: Owing to substitution-lability difference in disparate metal centers, an oxo-centered heterometallic trinuclear acetato complex [Ru2MgO(CH3COO)6(py)3] (py = pyridine; see picture) undergoes site-selective substitution of propionates and ferrocenycarboxylates in a stepwise manner. The new substituted families have been successfully(More)
This paper reports the synthesis and characterization of a novel series of chain-like compounds where oxo-centered triruthenium cluster moieties are bridged by 4,4'-bipyridine (4,4'-bpy) spacers. A reaction of solvent-coordinated triruthenium "monomer" precursor [Ru(3)O(CH(3)CO(2))(6)(CO)(CH(3)OH)(2)] with a 0.1 equimolar amount of 4,4'-bpy in CH(3)OH gave(More)
It is well known that it is hard for discharge to occur in a small void in solid insulating material, because of lack of initial electrons. For this reason, the discharge occurs after a long delay even at a critical electric field sufficient to initiate discharge. To resolve the problem, supplying initial electron by X-ray irradiation to various defective(More)
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