Atsushi Hatabu

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The Kronecker channel model of wireless communication is analyzed using statistical mechanics methods. In the model, spatial proximities among transmission/reception antennas are taken into account as certain correlation matrices, which generally yield non-trivial dependence among symbols to be estimated. This prevents accurate assessment of the(More)
A statistical mechanical framework to analyze linear vector channel models in digital wireless communication is proposed for a large system. The framework is a generalization of that proposed for code-division multiple-access systems in Europhys. Lett., 76 (2006) 1193 and enables the analysis of the system in which the elements of the channel transfer(More)
This paper describes an analysis-based method for optimizing the timing of decisions regarding early termination of block matching (BM) in the application of a successive similarity detection algorithm (SSDA). Although the SSDA reduces BM computational costs, making decisions to terminate BM or not consumes additional processor cycles. Here, total costs,(More)
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