Atsushi Hamada

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Objective. To develop an interactive simulation system “virtual ventilator” that demonstrates the dynamics of pressure and flow in the respiratory system under the combination of spontaneous breathing, ventilation modes, and ventilator options. The simulation system was designed to be used by unexperienced health care professionals as a self-training tool.(More)
Conventionally, the heaviest rainfall has been linked to the tallest, most intense convective storms. However, the global picture of the linkage between extreme rainfall and convection remains unclear. Here we analyse an 11-year record of spaceborne precipitation radar observations and establish that a relatively small fraction of extreme convective events(More)
A simulation system for arrhythmias has been developed using Windows-based software technology, ActiveX control. The cardiac module consists of six cells, the sinus, atrium, AV node, ventricle, and ectopic foci. The physiological properties of the cells, the automaticity and conduction delay, were modelled, respectively, by the phase response curve and the(More)
In recent years in Japan, there have been many debates of setting highway toll charges as a part of policy discussions. However, although these debates should be analyzed objectively based on quantitative analysis, it cannot be denied that the psychological impact of the proposals is being given more priority. Considering that highways are a type of public(More)
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