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In crayfish claw closer muscle, the giant sarcomeres are 8.3 microm long at rest, four times longer than vertebrate striated muscle sarcomeres, and they are extensible up to 13 microm upon stretch. Invertebrate connectin (I-connectin) is an elastic protein which holds the A band at the center of the sarcomere. The entire sequence of crayfish I-connectin was(More)
Projectin is a giant protein related to twitchin and titin/connectin, that is found in arthropod striated muscle. The complete sequence of a 1 MDa projectin from Drosophila muscle was recently deduced from a thorough analysis of the genomic DNA (Southgate and Ayme-Southgate, 2001). Here we report the complete sequence for projectin from crayfish claw closer(More)
Invertebrate connectin (I-connectin) is a 1960 kDa elastic protein linking the Z line to the tip of the myosin filament in the giant sarcomere of crayfish claw closer muscle (Fukuzawa et al., 2001 EMBO J 20: 4826-4835). I-Connectin can be extended up to 3.5 microns upon stretch of giant sarcomeres. There are several extensible regions in I-connectin: two(More)
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