Atsushi Fukayama

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We propose a gaze movement model that enables an embodied interface agent to convey different impressions to users. Managing one's own impression to influence the behaviors of others plays an important role in human communications. To create a new application area which involves agents in this kind of social interaction, interface agents that manage their(More)
A system architecture that enhances existing videophone service with Augmented Reality (AR) technology is designed. The architecture is used to prototype an “AiR Stamp” system that allows users to place virtual objects on video images as if they were affixing stamps to actual scenes. System feasibility is evaluated by applying it to a remote(More)
Today's multi-device environment, where one user has several network-capable devices, is making the idea of “device-shift” service a reality. In a device-shift service, a user uses multiple cooperating devices to receive a service or a set of cooperating services so that he/she can have a rich and consistent service experience. We are(More)
Many fixed-line carriers are providing online storage service, which stores user data through their broadband access network, as a typical application service that utilizes their network's advantages such as wide bandwidth. However, many of these services are not providing unique use cases that are different from over-the-top (OTT) personal online storage(More)
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