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Patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) can develop mild cognitive impairment (PD-MCI), frequently progressing to dementia (PDD). Here, we aimed to elucidate the relationship between white matter alteration and cognitive status in PD and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) by using diffusion tensor imaging. We also compared the progression patterns of white and(More)
Gap junctions formed by connexins mediate cell-cell communication by electrical and chemical coupling. Recently, it has been shown that alterations in the phosphorylation state of the connexins result in functional alteration of cell-cell communication through gap junctions. Therefore, we focused on the association of alterations of phosphorylation state of(More)
BACKGROUND To improve the longterm outcome after CABG, several strategies have been used using arterial conduits. Our 20 years experience with the right gastroepiploic artery (GEA) graft was evaluated. METHODS AND RESULTS In 1352 patients having CABG with the GEA graft, (1092 men, mean 63 years, 99% multivessel disease, and mean EF 0.51), internal(More)
EuroSCORE (European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation) used for calculating the risk of the postoperative mortality rate for patients undergoing open-heart surgery may be able to predict postoperative complications as well. Consecutive cases of isolated on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) (n=1552) performed between 1991 and 2006 at our(More)
INTRODUCTION New insulin glargine 300 U mL(-1) (Gla-300) is a basal insulin that shows more stable and prolonged pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles than insulin glargine 100 U mL(-1) (Gla-100). This study used continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to compare 24-h glucose profiles in a Japanese population using Gla-300 versus Gla-100. METHODS This(More)
BACKGROUND Interactions between the immune response and brain functions such as olfactory, auditory, and visual sensations are likely. This study investigated the effect of sounds on alloimmune responses in a murine model of cardiac allograft transplantation. METHODS Naïve CBA mice (H2k) underwent transplantation of a C57BL/6 (B6, H2b) heart and were(More)
To minimize sternal ischemia, skeletonized internal mammary artery (IMA) harvesting has been performed in the last few years. The benefits of skeletonization in high risk patients, such as diabetic patients undergoing bilateral IMA grafting, are unknown. A total of 99 patients underwent isolated coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) using a pedicled(More)
Coronary artery disease is a critical issue that requires physicians to consider appropriate treatment strategies, especially for elderly people who tend to have several comorbidities, including diabetes mellitus (DM) and multivessel disease (MVD). Several studies have been conducted comparing clinical outcomes between percutaneous coronary intervention(More)
A healthy teenage Japanese girl was admitted to our hospital after experiencing out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. She had attempted to commit suicide by taking 4,950 mg of disopyramide and 12 mg of flunitrazepam. Mechanical cardiopulmonary support was started with percutaneous cannulation of the femoral vessels. Several days later, a blood culture tested(More)