Atsumu Tezaki

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Transient absorption spectra and decay profiles of HO2 have been measured using cw near-IR two-tone frequency modulation absorption spectroscopy at 297 K and 50 Torr in diluent of N2 in the presence of water. From the depletion of the HO2 absorption peak area following the addition of water, the equilibrium constant of the reaction HO2 + H2O <--> HO2-H2O(More)
Time-resolved production of HO2 and DO2 from the reactions of nondeuterated and deuterated ethyl and propyl radicals with O2 are measured as a function of temperature and pressure in the "transition region" between 623 and 748 K using the technique of laser photolysis/long path frequency modulation spectroscopy. Experimental measurements, using both(More)
Product formation pathways in the photolytically initiated oxidation of CH3OCH3 have been investigated as a function of temperature (298-600 K) and pressure (20-90 Torr) through the detection of HO2 and OH using Near-infrared frequency modulation spectroscopy, as well as the detection of CH3OCH2O2 using UV absorption spectroscopy. The reaction was initiated(More)
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