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Axonal regeneration across end-to-side neurorrhaphy has recently been reported; however, neither the mechanism by which collateral sprouting from intact axons is elicited, nor the origin of the regenerating axons are known. There has even been controversy over the presence of collateral axonal sprouting from intact axons altogether. This reported(More)
PURPOSE Recent studies have shown that low-intensity resistance training with vascular occlusion (kaatsu training) induces muscle hypertrophy. A local hypoxic environment facilitates muscle hypertrophy during kaatsu training. We postulated that muscle hypertrophy can be more efficiently induced by placing the entire body in a hypoxic environment to induce(More)
A modular layered acetabular component (metal-polyethylene-ceramic) was developed in Japan for use in alumina ceramic-on-ceramic total hip replacement. Between May 1999 and July 2000, we performed 35 alumina ceramic-on-ceramic total hip replacements in 30 consecutive patients, using this layered component and evaluated the clinical and radiological results(More)
We studied the effect of initiation time of nerve expansion after nerve transection on the induction of ODC activity and Schwann cell proliferation in nerve tissue under Wallerian degeneration. The levels of ODC activity and Schwann cell proliferation decreased as the initiation time of nerve expansion was delayed after nerve transection, and peak levels of(More)
In peripheral nerve regeneration or remyelination, immature Schwann cells expressing p75(NTR) play cardinal roles in the support and regeneration of axons (Griffin JW, Hoffman PN. Peripheral Neuropathy 361-376, 1993). Only one of four to six Schwann cells participate in remyelination of damaged or regenerating axons. The rest of the cells, or supernumerary(More)
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common disease that has a definite genetic component. Only a few OA susceptibility genes that have definite functional evidence and replication of association have been reported, however. Through a genome-wide association study and a replication using a total of approximately 4,800 Japanese subjects, we identified two single(More)
The prognostic implication of SYT-SSX fusion type in synovial sarcomas is still controversial. The aim of this study is to clarify the prognostic impact of fusion type, in association with other clinical factors, in patients with synovial sarcoma in Japan. Data on 108 SYT-SSX fusion transcript-positive patients with synovial sarcoma, treated in 11 tertiary(More)
We report on 2 patients with soft-tissue sarcomas mimicking large haematomas. Neither patient had a medical history of trauma or bleeding tendency. In a patient with a large leiomyosarcoma in the buttock, insufficient biopsy material from initial surgeries precluded a correct diagnosis. In the second patient with epithelioid sarcoma of the forearm,(More)
STUDY DESIGN In vitro assessment of the effects of platelet-rich plasma on the extracellular matrix metabolism of porcine intervertebral disc cells. OBJECTIVES To determine whether platelet-rich plasma is effective in stimulating cell proliferation and extracellular matrix metabolism by porcine disc cells cultured in alginate beads. SUMMARY OF(More)
Lumbar fusion combined with unilateral pedicle screw fixation has received favourable clinical reports. However, there are very few reports about the biomechanical properties of this system. The purpose of this study was to compare the biomechanics of a unilateral pedicle screw system with a bilateral system. Two fresh lumbar vertebral columns from human(More)